Professional Development Courses That Will Not Be Included in the Higher Tuition Rate

​​​​​​​​​​​​The courses listed​ are exempt from the higher tuition charge and may be repeated to comply with mandated professional development updating requirements to maintain professional licensure/certification. ​This list may be updated from time to time. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of which courses are on this list. If a course is not on this list, additional tuition will be charged on the third or subsequent attempt.

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Professional Development Course Number Title (Course Titles May Vary)
ACNT-2000 Pro Dev: Accounting
AUMT-2000 Pro Dev: Auto/Autom Mech/Tech
CDEC-1032 Issues Early Care/Ed. Profes'l
CDEC-2000 Pro Dev: Child Care Prov/Asst
CHEF-2000 Pro Dev: Culinary Arts/ Chef
CHLT-2000 Pro Dev:Com Hlth Srv/Liai/Cou
CJCR-1000 Basic Jail Course
CJCR-1019 Inservice Correctional Ofcrs
CJCR-2000 Interperson Comm Correct Set
CJCR-2001 Pro Dev: Corrections
CJCR-2002 Suicide Detect/Prevent in Jail
CJCR-2006 Use of Force in a Jail Setting
CJLE-2000 Pro Dev: Crim Just/Police Sci
CJLE-2026 Firearms Proficiency
CJLE-2079 State/Federal Law Updates
CJSA-1001 Field Training Officer
CJSA-1051 Use of Force
CJSA-2000 Pro Dev: Crim Just/Safety Stu
DAAC-2000 Pro Dev: Sub Abuse/Addict Coun
DMSO-2000 Pro Dev: Diag Med Sono/Ultra
62 records found 1 2 3 4