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Neville Scott​

Neville Scott

Lead Student Ambassador | Student Leader of the Year

Neville earned an Associate of Science and plans to transfer to Southern Methodist University. He's passionate about infrastructure, both digital and physical. His dream is to found an eco-friendly engineering firm.

"When I joined Mountain View College, I was paranoid, and to be honest I felt like I would never be able to actualize my maximum potential because, well, 'community college stigma.' Today, I think I can testify to the fact that community college stigma is the most baseless stigma ever."

"College is for you, and you do have what it takes to succeed. That does not mean that college is easy, but DCCCD makes it manageable. The professors are wonderful and are all devoted to ensuring the success of the students."

"I started as a shy, meek and scared student. Through interactions with the community at Mountain View College, I have been bettered in ways more than I deemed possible. Mountain View inculcated in me a desire to question and challenge the status quo and transform my community. I leave as a scholar ready to take on the world by its horns! I have indeed been greatly transformed."

Jennifer McGuire

Jenifer McGuire

Student Ambassador | Phi Theta Kappa Vice President of Service and Historian

Jennifer earned an Associate of Arts and a CIT – Web Development Certificate. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in organization leadership at Texas A&M University – Commerce and would like to continue for a master's and possibly a doctorate. She works as an instructional technologist at Mountain View, but her dream job is instructional designer for Walt Disney Company in their professional development program or Disney Institute.

"DCCCD was a great way for me to re-enter the world of higher education. It's been over 20 years since I earned my first associate degree, and I was terrified of what college held for me. DCCCD provided a welcoming environment and numerous resources to ensure my success as a student. I have confidence that I will succeed at university thanks to the foundation that was set for me during my time here."

"I made life-long friendships and connected with faculty and staff that I otherwise would not have interacted with. This connection drove me to want to do better in my classes and encouraged me to go beyond my associate degree and strive for the highest-level degree available."

"Community college is the best way to afford college. You get the same quality education that you would receive during your first two years of university at a fraction of the cost. DCCCD makes the dreams of a college education attainable for all. Even if you have to take one course at a time, the tuition payment plans make that an option for almost any budget."

"DCCCD has felt like home. My first experience at community college over 20 years ago, I felt very disconnected. Even before I started taking classes at DCCCD, I did not feel like my first college was my alma mater. My experience at DCCCD has given me the connection to the college, and I am excited to say that I'm an alumna of DCCCD and Mountain View College. Thank you for making me feel like a part of a family." 

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