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Kaitlin McMaryion

​Kaitlin McMaryion​​

Student Government Association President | Student Leader of the Year

Kaitlin earned an Associate of Science with a field of study in business management. She plans to attend the University of Houston to major in political science and minor in law, policy and value. She aspires to be a lawyer and work in health law. She wants to earn a master's in political science and a law degree. Her career goal is to become a lawyer working in health law.

"DCCCD has benefited me because I feel more prepared and I had teachers that cared for me and wanted me to succeed. I met so many people whose stories are very encouraging and inspiring. To the people who are hesitant on going to college, I say, 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' If you believe that you can do it, God will always make a way. Always remember to follow your heart."

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