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​Contact: Debra Dennis

For immediate release — July 24, 2019

(DALLAS/LANCASTER) — The call for new musicians has been sounded.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has joined Cedar Valley College to provide free instruments and music lessons to elementary-age students in southern Dallas.

The “Young Musicians Saturday Conservatory” is aimed at building interest and passion for music among young school children. The training will take place at Cedar Valley College, part of the Dallas County Community College District. Cedar Valley is well noted for its award-winning music program.

“Research shows that learning a musical instrument has a very positive impact on young children,” said Dr. Kathryn D. Brown, music program coordinator and faculty member at Cedar Valley College.

“Music is not just a school thing but a lifelong practice. In this conservatory, not only do participants get to learn about appreciating music, but they get to actually make music.”

The program is for students in grades 2-5 and includes singing and drum circles. Along with the specific skills needed to play the instruments themselves, these experiences instill confidence and social and emotional learning. With many schools cutting or de-emphasizing music programs, many students miss out on these skill-building opportunities.

“The thing about getting instruments in their hands and this connection to the Dallas Symphony is the hope that these young students have a better understanding that making music and orchestral music are not these inaccessible things that are just for other people,” Dr. Brown said.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has expanded its reach to include underserved communities. The organization is committed to developing and promoting the musical talents of children by introducing them to the orchestra and providing free instruments, along with other resources.

“The ultimate goal is for every child in southern Dallas to have access to an instrument, lessons and performances free of charge,” said Kim Noltemy, president and CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. “Our Young Musicians program is off to a great start, and we are happy to be able to provide another location at Cedar Valley College. The Saturday classes provide a flexible way for new and existing Young Musician participants to enjoy the program.”

A Series of Saturday Workshops

The Young Musicians Saturday Conservatory workshops will be on the following consecutive Saturdays: July 27, Aug. 3, Aug. 10 and August 17. On the final day, the students will host a concert to showcase their talents.

To learn more about the program and to register for the workshops, visit the Dallas Symphony Orchestra website.

For general information, contact Henry Martinez at or call him at 972-860-8142.

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