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photo of award winners performing music on stage

For immediate release — April 11, 2011

(DALLAS) — “Back to basics” for 15 Dallas County Community College District students means preserving the arts — music, visual arts and writing — in an age when budget cuts and education costs often mean fewer hands-on experiences that challenge the minds and talents of K-12 and college learners in the nation’s classrooms. Those DCCCD students performed and exhibited their works as part of a program on April 8, 2011, that honored them for their scholarship in the arts with the help and support of previous talented performers, artists and writers who have traveled that path as well.

Because they have brought enjoyment and the arts to their campuses and home towns, those 15 DCCCD students were recognized with the Cecil Wallace Fordham Award in Visual Arts, the Alice Jones Berding Award in Music and the Eleanor Jones Award in Creative Writing during a special ceremony at El Centro College this month. These three awards — given to students who excel in art, music and writing — are funded through endowments administered by the DCCCD Foundation.

Each outstanding student received a cash award of $500, made possible by gifts from the Jones family.

The awards and student recipient information is provided below, including home town, DCCCD college and academic major.