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Yuka Matsuura

Earlier this fall, DCCCD asked students to participate in an online survey. We wanted to learn about how our students use media and spend their time to help us with future planning. As a thank you, everyone who participated was entered in a drawing to win a free iPod Nano or a $150 iTunes gift card.

And we have a winner — Yuka Matsuura!

A full-time student at Brookhaven, Yuka is taking Core Curriculum classes and hopes to transfer to SMU to get a bachelor’s degree in biology. Ultimately, she would like to have a career as a plastic surgeon.

If you’re taking language classes at Brookhaven, you might see Yuka working as a student assistant in the language lab. “I really love my job,” Yuka says.

Yuka plans to use her iTunes gift card to build her collection of J-pop and K-pop (Japanese and Korean popular music) and buy some classical music as well.

“I’m taking a music appreciation class right now, and I’m trying to listen to more classical music,” Yuka says. “That’s one reason I was excited about winning the iTunes gift card.”