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Sally Brashear

In the fall, DCCCD asked students to participate in an online survey. We wanted to learn about how our students use media and spend their time to help us with future planning. As a thank you, everyone who participated was entered in a drawing to win a free iPod Nano or a $150 iTunes gift card.

And we have a winner — Sally Brashear!

Sally, an Eastfield student, works full-time as a business analyst in the IT department at CapGemini, helping companies make their IT systems and processes more efficient. She plans to complete the Core Curriculum at DCCCD, then transfer to UTD to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

“Working in the IT department at CapGemini, I’ve learned a lot just from talking to the programmers and developers,” she says. “I hope that studying computer science will help me in my current position and may open doors to growth within my company.

“I’m very thankful to DCCCD,” she adds. “The professors have been so helpful, and the flexible scheduling makes it possible for me to go to school while I’m working full time. I would recommend DCCCD to anyone.”

Sally was surprised and delighted to hear that she had won the iPod Nano and is looking forward to using it while she exercises.