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July 20, 2001

1st: "Black Sheep", Derrick L. Hogg, Cedar Valley College
2nd:"Contradiction", Carol Charlat Nace, Brookhaven College
3rd: "A Season for Change", Jerry J. Lightfoot, El Centro College

Personal Essay
1st: "Blessed Be the One", Dustin Edwin Dean, Brookhaven College
2nd: "Sundays", Andrew Arellano, Mountain View College
3rd: "The Streets of the World", Regina Eudoxia Valladao, Richland College
HM: "Time Had Run Out," Gloria Culpepper, Eastfield College

Short Story
1st: "Frog Level, Texas",  Tanya Williamson, Cedar Valley College
2nd: "Sandlot Superman" , W. Matthew McCarter, Mountain View College
3rd: "Little Things", Matt Vest, North Lake College

One-Act Play
1st: "Fellows Forever", Regina Eudoxia Valladao, Richland College

(No other places awarded)