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​Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Three students earning Veterinary Technician degrees through the Cedar Valley College Distance Learning program are part of a team caring for search and rescue dogs used to locate survivors of Tuesday’s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers.

"These students are getting their clinical experience at Animal General Hospital in New York City," said Cedar Valley College Director of Veterinary Technology Brian Heim. "Sadly, they and other workers are finding out that the suffering has not been limited to our fellow human beings but our animal friends as well," he said.

Heim said the hospital is in urgent need of medical supplies to care for the animals, and asked that anyone wanting to make donations contact the Cedar Valley College Veterinary Technology Program at 972.860.8267 or 972.860.8173. Donations will be earmarked for the care of rescue animals and animals injured in the attack.

"These animals don’t have the benefit of respirators, goggles or other protective gear," Heim noted.

"There are also animals that no longer have a human companion because of this tragedy. As you can imagine, the toll, both emotional and physical, asked of these amazing creatures is stupendous. They are very limited in number and are working around the clock and under extreme conditions. Animal General is doing the best they can, but they urgently need medical supplies," Heim said.