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​July 1999

(DALLAS) — Mountain View College has been chosen as the Microsoft Mentor Host for the North Texas Community College Consortium, July 20 & 21 and July 27 & 28.

The Microsoft Mentor Program offers support for faculty in higher education institutions to develop and enhance their computer usage skills with an emphasis on solving educational problems rather than focusing on features in software tools.

Two faculty from each NTCCC member college, nominated by their President, will attend the two day workshop. Each of the Microsoft Mentors will return to their home institutions where they will teach/train/support their peers over their term as a Microsoft Mentor.

Integrating technology into the instructional program is important to teaching and learning. Yet, many teachers have not made technology integral to their teaching and are not prepared for the changes created by technology infusion. Assisting faculty efforts to integrate technology into instruction remains the most important challenge confronting American colleges over the next two to three years, according to the 1999 National Survey of Information Technology in U.S. Higher Education, conducted by Dr. Kenneth Green, the Campus Computing Project, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California. It is generally recognized that assistance is needed for all teachers at all levels to help find the appropriate resources.