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Electronic Commerce is the fastest growing sector of the world business community. The Internet affects every single industry. The increasing volume of transactions that take place electronically is a revolution in business practices. It is very important to understand how the unique elements of this interactive medium can be used to devise new ways of competing. Electronic commerce includes all aspects of business processes enabled by Internet technologies.

An Electronic Commerce Advisory Committee of area businesspeople and educators has been chosen to evaluate and recommend curriculum to the Dallas County Community College District. Gemmy Allen, professor at Mountain View College, serves as the facilitator. The committee is listed below.

  • Terry Birdsell
  • Mindy Bradshaw
  • Gary Burns
  • Kristy Cook
  • Patrick Dial
  • Marilyn D. Gutierrez
  • Mark Horbovetz
  • Sheryl James
  • Andrew Mathews
  • Thomas (Tom) W. McCullough
  • Kelly McLendon                
  • John Miltenis
  • Patrick Outler
  • James Pressley
  • Michael D. Reimann
  • Al Sanchez
  • Kelly Short
  • Steve Shoen
  • Juan Torres
  • Betsy Turner
  • Jim Ziegler