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Transportation Options

Student Transportation Solutions

Dependable transportation is essential to your success. If you have a car in good shape, this may not be a concern. But for many students, maintenance and repair costs can be overwhelming.

We want you to be prepared to avoid stopping out and delaying your educational goals. Transportation costs are part of your overall college budget and should be considered in your total cost of enrollment.*

If you need some options to help stretch your budget and get you to and from class each day, you might want to:

Try Public Transportation

If you’re looking for an alternative to driving, why not give public transportation a try? Taking the bus or train offers a number of benefits. And eligible students can ride DART around town for free!

Ask for Help From Family and Friends 

Family and friends might be more than happy to help out, especially if they need to drive somewhere near campus anyway. Be aware, however, that your schedule and theirs might be a little different. They might also want you to chip in a bit for gas.

Check Out Carpooling or Vanpooling Options

If public transportation isn’t a viable option for you, carpooling to work or class may be a solution. Sharing the cost of commuting (and zipping down HOV lanes) means everybody wins.

Consider Taking Online Classes

If you're considering taking classes at DCCCD, why not look at online classes? The colleges of DCCCD offer more than 200 distance learning courses. Online classes aren’t the right fit for everyone, but if they work for you, they can cut your commuting costs.

*Emergency funds for car repairs may be available to students who qualify. To explore these options, please contact the Financial Aid Office.