Chancellor's Faculty Fellows

Make a Difference. Building Experience on the Job.

Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows was established in 2015 to build a pipeline of future Dallas County Community College faculty – building their experience on the job.

Fellows are identified through a formal recruitment initiative and participate in a formal mentoring alliance with a seasoned, master faculty member.

Chancellor’s Fellows’ program has been placed on hold for further review.

Qualifications for Faculty Fellows

A master's degree
A minimum of 18 graduate hours in the area of teaching assignment

As an alternative to regular faculty, this program focuses on individuals without formal full-time teaching experience, allowing the District to look for diverse and non-traditional candidates reflective of the student body to be served – in all areas including age, gender, and ethnicity.

A criminal background check, sometimes including fingerprinting, is required. Individuals who have served in an adjunct or other part-time teaching status may be considered.

Program Description

Individuals hired into the role of Chancellor’s Faculty Fellow will be responsible for satisfying the normal responsibilities of a full-time faculty member with the following special considerations:

Fellows Boot Camp

Fellows will participate in a “boot camp” designed to prepare them to successfully organize and manage their initial classes.

80/20 Work Load

Teaching responsibilities for the first year will be capped at 80 percent load, with 20 percent designated to be used in training, development, and mentoring activities.

A Mentoring Program

A mentor will be chosen for the Faculty Fellow from trained and seasoned faculty, and is intended to be a two-year commitment.

No Extra Service Responsibilities

No extra service teaching responsibilities can be assigned during the initial year of employment.

Summer Positions

A Faculty Fellow may be assigned summer courses as any other full-time regular faculty member, including premium pay, beginning during the initial year of employment.


A Faculty Fellow can be renewed for up to two years, moving to regular faculty status upon the recommendation of a third one-year contract.


If a decision to non-renew is made within the first two years of employment, an individual might be reassigned to another district location, to complete the Fellows assignment, and/or continue into regular faculty status.

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Initial Salary

Chancellor’s Fellows are to be placed on the faculty salary schedule using rules as applied for individuals filling regular faculty positions.


We're currently not accepting submissions.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows Program or your submission, please contact Rosalind Peterson, at 214-378-1574, or by email at or Susan Hall, chief talent officer, at 214-378-1609 or by email at Both are also accessible via LinkedIn as well.