Sonya Neal

Sonya Neal
2015-2016 Awardee

My return to college has been a blessing; I have had the overwhelming support and encouragement of my family, friends, co-workers, and even the staff here at Cedar Valley.

In the months before I officially enrolled for credit classes, I wrote out my concerns regarding returning to school and how it would impact my Life. My questions went from would I go on campus to should I take Classes online. I questioned my timeline, what would be my projected graduation date and how many hours per semester would I need to take to make that date. The list went on and on to the point that I started to think past earning only a bachelor's degree.

I started to factor in that my son would be entering high school this year and at the time that he would be in his senior year I would be graduating with my bachelor's degree as well. He would be off to college, and my to-do list would be shorter, so my academic plans went from returning to school to earn my bachelor's to now wanting to go all the way to the doctorate level.

I'm forty years old now; I hope with careful planning, discipline, and steady finances I will be able to accomplish that milestone by age fifty-four. It is my goal to take advantage of promotional opportunities here at the ·my agency; I hope to be able to apply my college education with my training, experience, and years of service.