Sarah Perez

Sarah Perez
2011-2012 Awardee

With the education I am gaining, I believe I will complete my dream of being a baker and pastry chef. I am currently at El Centro College studying how to be a pastry chef and graduate with the AAS in Baking & Pastry. I also want to take on the challenge of studying for the Culinary Arts AAS and the Food & Hospitality Service AAS.

I want to open up a bakery, something no one has ever seen before. With the information I have gained from being a part of Phi Theta Kappa and volunteering at such places as Keep Irving Beautiful, I plan to establish a "green bakery." It will be in an eco-friendly building (LEED certified), have solar panels and a garden. It will require a significant amount of work and money, but using as few resources as possible to keep the planet a little cleaner, will make it worth it. I want to be part of the green movement. My accounting and baking education, I am gaining from DCCCD, will help me mentor my future employees, too. I want my employees to learn all that I know so that they can run the bakery themselves. I would like my education to open up other people's minds.

With this scholarship, I will be able to work fewer hours, continue my involvement in the community, and get the resources to continue my vision of opening a "green bakery.” It will help ease my debt, which will significantly help when I start building my bakery. I would like my bakery to be in the DFW area to give back to the DCCCD community because DCCCD has done a great deal for me. I hope DCCCD and the community will send interns my way because I know how difficult it can be to achieve a dream without experience.

I plan to mentor students who enjoy volunteering in their community and are pursuing their passions. It is a responsibility I want to take on because students will learn more from hands-on experience. I want passionate workers that are willing to learn the "green baking way," and do not mind getting their hands dirty in the bakery as well as in the community. Sometimes people forget that life is not all about money, it is about the journey, and I want those potential interns to have a challenging but successful journey. I would like to set-up a community involvement program where interns will serve the community. I plan to have community classes that offer “green baking” techniques. I want the bakery to give back to the community as much as it takes and then some. This scholarship will help start the foundation for me to build my vision of a "green bakery"—and that is a vision of success!