Donna Bowman

​​ Richland College

Donna Bowman
2012-2013 Awardee

Donna Bowman completed 31 credit hours at Richland College. S​he plans to complete an Associate of Arts degree and earn a Bachelor’s degree. Miss Bowman submitted the following Academic Goals and Future Career Plans Essay.

”My name is Donna Bowman, and I have been a student at Richland College for the past two years. I am currently working toward my Associates of Arts degree. I strive to be a focused and dedicated student, maintaining a current GPA of 3.65. My academic goals are to transfer to a four-year institution and earn a Bachelor’s degree. While at Richland, my involvement in the Academic Civic Engagement program (ACE) that allows me to focus my attention on achieving academic excellence and community service.

In the program, I volunteer my services to the community as well as get involved in on-campus activities. While the community service component of the program will be beneficial to my future career goals of being a counselor, the tutoring requirements will help ensure that I achieve my academic goals as outlined below.