Abigale Oshadi

Scholarship Winner

Abigael Oshadi
2017-2018 Awardee

I am applying for this scholarship because I am in need of financial assistance. I got into this country last year (2016), through my father, and since then I have been a full-time student. I am dependent on my father’s income—even ​though he is just a CDL driver—as well as my br​others, who are back in Nigeria and hoping to come here to study. I started college here at North

Lake College immediately I got into this country. My father did not allow me to work so that I can focus on my studies, and complete my Associate’s degree on time. But I want to relieve him of the financial burden that he willingly took upon himself, by applying for, as many available scholarships as I can, and hopefully get them.

I have volunteered in cities such as Irving and Arlington. I was at this year’s Trinity Trash Bash on the 20th of September, hosted by Keep Irving Beautiful Foundation. I helped register volunteers, provided them with picker-uppers, trash and recycle bags, served volunteers drinks after the trash picking event, and arranged the tools back into their boxes after use. Also, I volunteered at the Annual Children’s Dark in the Park on the 7th and 8th of October, which was hosted by River Legacy Foundation. I helped in the following ways:

  • set up the pumpkin table in preparation for the event,
  • assisted children during the event, and
  • helped to clear the stations on the last day.

Lastly, I volunteered for the Mustang Park Recreation Center, at the Mustang Fall Carnival, on the 20th of October. I helped to organize the Cake Walk section of the children’s event, and I also assisted to clear up the venue after the event was over.

While in high school, in my final year, I was elected as the Social Prefect and President of the science department’s jet club. As the Social Prefect, I coordinated events within the school premises, ranging from children’s parties to end-of-year parties, under the supervision of the teachers in charge. As the president of the jet club, I oversaw the affairs of the science department, under the guidance of the science advisor. I developed science projects with the rest of the officer team, to present on Science Exhibition Day, and I assisted members in Junior and senior level with their math and science assignments.

Last but not the least, my academic goal is to pursue an education in the field of Medicine that will provide me with the degree, knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to keep people alive. I hope to get a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and get a master’s degree in Medicine from a graduate school. Although I am not sure of my specialty as of now, I am looking into going into Surgery or Obstetrics/Gynecology.

I firmly believe that I am an excellent candidate to receive this scholarship, because I have a goal, and I’m confident that not even poor finances can hinder me from accomplishing my goal.