Sharon Loftis

HOH Staff Sharon Loftis

Dr. Sharon Loftis

Dr. Sharon S. Loftis has worked over 20 years contributing the highest standard to the DCCCD in the field of Institutional Research as a senior leader and decision maker. Dr. Loftis ​has shared her knowledge of the complexities of the Colleague system as well as set a high standard for accuracy and integrity with the other researchers across the district. Even though she has retired, she continues to assist and share her knowledge with others that will impact the future higher education network.

Dr. Loftis currently works on a part-time basis with both Eastfield College and the District Service Center and helps researchers across the district learn more about the continually evolving Colleague system. Her current work entails serving as a resource for the college research areas and the District Service Center. This cooperative relationship, which grew directly from her efforts and initiative, has considerably improved problem resolution and morale.