Staff - Range N02


​Job Description Listing

Effective September 2017

Range MinimumMidpointMaximum

JTC Job Descriptions FLSA
CL7Academic/Communications Coordinator (PDF 18KB) 
​CTT Accounting Clerk (PDF - 208KB)​N
N34 Admissions Specialist (PDF - 233KB)N
CG6 Assistant Coach (PDF - 12KB)N
TD9Assistant Registrar (PDF - 220KB)N
C15 Associate Circulation Coordinator (PDF - 16KB)N
CAD Career Planning Assistant (PDF - 26KB)N
CX7 Circulation and Testing Center Representative (PDF - 15KB)N
T02 College Disability Services Assistant (PDF - 14KB)N
CP8 College Purchasing Transaction Specialist (PDF - 15KB)N
CK8 Continuing Education & Workforce Specialist (PDF -19KB)N
TG3 Coordinator of Continuing Education Admissions (PDF - 13KB)N
​TI9Custodian (PDF - 211KB)​N
CTD Department Assistant (PDF - 213KB)N
T01 District Courier (PDF - 17KB)N
​CTU​​​Document Imaging Technician (PDF - 211KB)​N
TL8 Educational Technologies Assistant (PDF - 14KB)N
CZ5 Enrollment Services Generalist (PDF - 15KB)N
TN2 Facilities Maintenance Service Assistant (PDF - 17KB)N
P36 Facilities Support Service Assistant I (PDF - 17KB)N
NE3 Faculty Contract and Load Specialist (PDF - 14KB)N
CPV Gallery Specialist (PDF - 11KB)N
​TASHelpdesk Support Specialist I (PDF - 226KB)​N
CTC Human Resources Assistant (PDF - 222KB)N
TI5HVAC Apprentice (PDF - 152KB)​N
​CAGInformation Desk Representative (PDF - 159KB)N
T35 Instructional Support Associate (PDF - 14KB)N
TQA Irrigation Services Technician I (PDF - 17KB)N
CY1 Kennel Manager/Technician (PDF - 15KB)N
CY4 Lab Assistant (PDF - 20KB)N
TN3 Landscape Services Technician II (PDF - 17KB)N
CT3 Lead Cashier (PDF - 12KB)N
CJN Library and Testing Center Specialist (PDF - 14KB)N
CH8 Location Services Specialist (PDF - 14KB)N
CJH Media Circulation Assistant (PDF - 13KB)N
P18 Painter I  (PDF - 13KB) N
T25 Program Development Specialist (PDF - 13KB)
CM0 Program Services Assistant II (PDF - 15KB)N
EAB Records Center and Archive Specialist (PDF - 14KB)N
CX9 Rising Star Program Admissions Specialist (PDF - 15KB) N
CPS Room Use Specialist (PDF - 13KB)N
TR6 School Alliances Associate (PDF - 15KB) N
CE8 Senior Equipment/Tool Room Coordinator (PDF - 14KB)N
​TI7Shipping and Receiving Inventory Clerk II (PDF - 214KB)​N
Student Lab Technician (PDF - 18KB)N
CQQ Technical Theatre Specialist (PDF - 214KB)N
TE1 Testing Assistant (PDF - 236KB)N
Tutor II​ (PDF - 240KB)
TWN​​ Web Content Assistant I (PDF - 16KB)
​Welcome Assistant (PDF - 413KB)

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