Faculty Job Description

Faculty in the Dallas County Community College District are expected to perform the duties enumerated in the formal Job Description; to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the DCCCD Board of Trustees and outlined in the DCCCD Board Policy Manual; and to comply with both state and federal policy.

The Dallas County Community College System seeks faculty who strive for excellence, are committed to continuous student learning, and demonstrate passion and skill in effective teaching and learning facilitation. Such faculty are competent in their discipline and innovative in their approach to learning, and they are committed to personal growth and the on-going assessment and evaluation of their teaching. They demonstrate a commitment to the mission and philosophy of the community college and to working effectively with diverse populations. They are committed to effective communication with others and fostering an atmosphere of collegiality. Finally, they demonstrate and promote high ethical standards and academic honesty.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Teaching and Learning

  • Teach students in assigned classes in accordance with course descriptions and/or learning outcomes, the course syllabus, and institutional policies and procedures
  • Provide students with a syllabus that includes required institutional policies, course objectives, materials, and methods of evaluation
  • Provide a workload schedule showing teaching and office hours
  • Certify student attendance in classes by the established deadlines
  • Maintain accurate and complete course records
  • Submit final grades by the established deadlines
  • Communicate with and provide feedback to students in a timely fashion
  • Develop course curriculum and instructional materials (individually or collaboratively)
  • Use knowledge of diverse communities and skill sets to diversify teaching methods and delivery of content in instruction
  • Provide effective instruction to facilitate student learning in all classes taught
  • Evaluate and assess student learning on a regular basis in all classes taught
  • Participate in assessment activities at course, department, college, and district levels to assist students in achieving designated course objectives or learning outcomes
  • Use appropriate technologies to enhance classroom or online instruction and to achieve established course objectives or learning outcomes
  • Regularly evaluate teaching methods and use data to continually improve instructional strategies

Institutional Service

  • Support the mission and goals of the college and the strategic priorities of the Board
  • Serve on departmental, college, and/or district committees
  • Attend scheduled discipline, department, division, and college meetings
  • Participate in the review of curricula and selection of instructional materials within the discipline or department
  • Participate in required program reviews and the achievement of departmental goals
  • Comply with all required college-level and program-level accreditation standards
  • Discuss program, career, or transfer options and other college services with students to support informed academic decisions
  • Attend required assembly/convocation and commencement/graduation ceremonies
  • Perform other duties mutually agreed upon in consultation with supervisor

Professional Development

  • Maintain knowledge and competence in the appropriate academic discipline or workforce field
  • Maintain any required professional certification or licensure in the appropriate academic or technical discipline, where appropriate
  • Remain current with technological and pedagogical advances that promote continuous improvement of student learning
  • Participate in a variety of professional development activities
  • Participate in one's own performance review and evaluation

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