Types of Insurance for Full-time Employees

“The employees of Dallas College enjoy an outstanding benefits package, one that is comprehensive, and are responsive to the needs of our employees.”

List of Benefits

Medical Insurance (2 options)
Prescription 3-Tier Drug Plan
Dental (2 options)
Employee Life Insurance (4 levels)
Dependent Life Insurance
Mental Health Care
Short and Long Term Disability
Accidental Death/Dismemberment
Health Care Reimbursement Plan
Child Care Reimbursement Plan
Retirement Plan
457 Savings Plan
Tax Deferred Annuity Plan
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Family Medical Leave Military Leave
Vacation/Staff: 12 days a year
Vacation/Administrators: 24 days
Sick Leave/Staff & Administrators: 12 days a year Sick Leave/Faculty: 10 days a year
Catastrophic Sick Leave
Personal Leave Days (2 days per year)
Holidays (18 days per year) 
Bereavement Leave
Wellness Program
 Developmental Leave**
Short and Long Term Sabbaticals**
Faculty Leave Banking*
Employee Education Credit Program*** Professional Development Programs
Court Appearances
Workers Compensation
Birth, Adoption & Foster: 4 week paid leave***

*Only Full-time Faculty
** Only Full-time Administrator/Faculty
***Eligibility for some benefits may include waiting period.

September 2020 through August 2021 
Medical Premium Rates
Full-time Employees/Retirees

Health Select of Texas   

You Only
$    624.82
$   624.82
$    0.00
You and Spouse
$   982.36
You and Children
$   864.20
You and Family

Employee Retirement System of Texas:

Dallas College offers a comprehensive health plan administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas. The full details of all health benefits are located at the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

Those employees eligible for the full list of benefits are Full-time faculty, administrators and professional support staff, (including temporary full-time). Credit adjuncts may be eligible for health coverage only under certain conditions.

Medical Coverage is effective on the 1st of the month after 60 calendar days of employment in a benefits eligible position. Effective dates vary on leave plans and other supplemental benefits.  Current Employees: please log in to myPortal for more benefits information.

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