Faculty Salary Schedule

​​Effective Date: Academic Year 2015-2016

No change for 2019-2020
N​o change for 2018-2019
No change for 2017-2018​​
No change for 2016-2017

Salary Range Minimum Midpoint Maximum
F01$50,000$70,000$  90,000
F03 $56,000$81,200$106,400

Explanation by college degrees - Initial placement on the faculty salary schedule is as follows:

F01 Range Masters degree or equivalency*
F02 Range Masters degree and 24 additional hours**
F03 Range Masters degree and 48 additional hours
F04 Range Earned doctorate***

* Equivalencies to the masters have been developed in certain specialized fields (i.e., engineering, trade-technical fields, etc.)

** Masters plus 24 hours equivalent: For salary schedule placement, persons who have obtained the following level of achievement will be credited with the equivalent of a masters degree plus 24 hours: M.F.A. which includes at least sixty (60) hours from an accredited institution.

*** An earned doctorate is a graduate degree at the doctoral level, conferred by an institution which is fully accredited by the regional accrediting association for the region where such institution is located.