Module 6: Debunking the Myths



Module 6: Debunking the Myths

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Have you heard of the show MythBusters? This module will go over some myths and facts you may have heard about dual credit. Let's get started.

First myth: "In college, I don't have to attend class."

Fact: In college, attendance is very important and absences may reduce your grade. College instructors are not required to give makeup work, accept late work, or give extra credit. All your instructors follow the Dallas College academic calendar. It does not always match your high school calendar or your life.

Next myth: "Copying another student's work is okay."

Fact: Plagiarism, collusion, and cheating are NOT okay. Your instructor will address academic integrity in their syllabus. You can fail a class due to dishonesty, and if found guilty of plagiarism, it could jeopardize your high school graduation. Instructors have advanced technology to check papers for plagiarism.

You will be caught.

Myth: "Parents can contact an instructor about their child's progress in college."

Fact: According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1975, or FERPA, students own their educational records, regardless of age. Dual credit students are college students and FERPA restrictions apply. Students may communicate with instructors, but due to FERPA, instructors can't talk with parents regarding students' work. Dallas College can and will share student information with your high school. The high school can then share the information with your parents.

Myth: "Students with disabilities automatically receive accommodations as required by law."

Fact: Students with disabilities may receive accommodations if they request these services. High school 504 accommodations, or IEPs, do not apply at college. Students must self-identify to the disability services office and schedule an appointment with the office before the semester begins. Students must also provide documentation of their disability.

There are way more myths than we covered. So if you have any questions, remember, you can reach out to your high school counselor or your dual credit advisor.

Let's continue on to the next module.

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Module 6 Questions

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