Module 5: Dallas College Resources



Module 5: Dallas College Resources

This module will go through different resources Dallas College offers to help you succeed. Keep your notes going!

In college, you will have higher expectations, but nobody is going to force you to succeed. Do you know what you need?

Do you need health resources? (Like counseling, access to food, sleep, exercise)

Do you need academic resources? (Such as tutoring, help with time management, more information about an assignment)

Do you need Fun resources? (Academic and social clubs, student government, special events)

If you need help, you should reach out to your high school counselor, advisor, dual credit coordinator or instructor, but there are also many online resources available to you on Dallas College’s website.

You will find many resources online by visiting the “Student Resources” page from the Dallas College website.

If you need help with your classes you will visit learning support. Here you will find information on Libraries, Tutoring, and getting started with online classes.

When you are close to graduating high school and wanted to look into job options you will visit “Career Resources”. All Dallas College campuses provide free career planning and job search services to future, current, and former students.

If you have a specialized learning plan, IEP, or 504 you’ll need to visit the Disability Services Office.

The Disability Services Office (DSO) at each campus offers a variety of accommodations for students with disabilities or special requirements. 

All Dual Credit students with a disability requesting accommodations must provide documentation of disability and be found eligible through the DSO.

Eligibility for services at the high school level does not always ensure that students will meet the criteria to receive accommodations in a college credit course.

If you're not sure if you need disability services, talk to your parents or your high school counselor. 

Interested in being part of campus life? Visit the Student Life & Activities page. Dual Credit students are invited to participate in the varied clubs at each campus. Join one or start your own!

"If you need help understanding your degree plan, selecting classes, or planning your transfer to a university, you will visit Advising.

Your advisor is someone you will want to meet with at least once per semester to help you choose and stick to a plan. You may meet with them more if you need additional help planning your courses or getting off academic probation. 

If you don't know who your college advisor is, speak to someone in your dual credit office. 

Additional resources

All the Dallas College locations offer food pantries to assist those in need. Contact your Dallas College location for hours.

Each Dallas College location also has a Police Department you may contact in an emergency or to report a crime.

Visit our website for more information on each of these resources. At Dallas College we all want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed!

Module 5 Questions

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