Video: Presentation Honoring Military Connected Students

Video Transcript:

[Daniel Razo]: Each year graduating students walk across the stage to receive their degree or certificate. While some students Donald specific regulation ports tied to achievements, student veterans receive additional cord tied to their service in the armed forces. Dealt with college graduates who have served, or it can start with in the United States, Armed Forces are dwell into red, white, and blue motor on record that recognize a distinguished service and sacrifices at each commencement ceremony, the Port of draped around their gowns, shoulders. The red, white, and blue chords are a special recognition for those who have made an unwavering commitment to their nation and their academic studies. This coordinate audience Member No, that a veteran, a reservists, or an active duty members paths before them. Dallas call it, recognizes and appreciate the sacrifices they have made and begging that adverse life experiences that bring to each campus.