Virtual Sessions 4

​4-5 p.m.


How Dallas College Is Helping To Break the Cycle of Poverty

Presenter: Stephanie Harris

Poverty affects the world at large, but it is also right here in our backyard at Dallas College. In this presentation, we will discuss how poverty and education intertwine systematically and what Dallas College is doing to address the needs of our students. We will address how college students are impacted by poverty, what that might look like, why you should care and how you can help to identify students in need. We will have an open discussion to speak about how each campus is addressing this need and how the campuses connect students to services and provide support through life’s difficulties. Participants can expect an engaging conversation about the history of higher ed and how Dallas College is currently tackling the current-day issues of poverty within our student population and community.

After this presentation, participants will be able to not only understand how poverty affects our students and identify the population but also the rationale of why it is important to provide these supports. This presentation will be PowerPoint based with time for questions and conversation at the end.

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Intrusive Advising: A More Proactive Approach

Presenter: Juan Bosquez

Using a case study for the presentation that was conducted at a Texas community college, I will be explaining the benefits of intrusive academic advising. From the presentation, audience members should take with them why it is important to be more proactive with our population of students and get a better understanding of how it contributes to student success. This is a topic that anyone could participate in.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go! The New Dallas College: Uniting Our Strengths, Celebrating Our Diversity and Embracing Our Community

Presenter: Erum Shaikh

This session will help participants understand their individual role in establishing trust and increasing brand visibility between Dallas College and the diverse communities we serve, as well as include a discussion as to how we can leave a lasting legacy at Dallas College.

Activities will include opening the session with inspirational quotes by Dr. Seuss, relevant to Dallas College's unique position in the community in addressing diversity and inclusion. Secondly, participants will be encouraged to use this safe environment to share some micro-aggressions they may have experienced or observed. Finally, the session will conclude with time for self-reflection and an exercise in mindfulness.

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Planting Spinach, Skills and Service: In the Campus Garden for a Day

Presenters: Kara Casy, Mariah Brown, Lori Delacruz Lewis, Keith Mckinnon, Maria Boccalandro, Brenda Floyd, Brandon Morton, Sonia Ford, Cliff Mauvais, Patti Jennings and Georgeann Moss

Do you want to include your campus garden in a lesson with your classes but don't know where to start? Participants in this session will walk away with online and face-to-face lesson plans, student-friendly service opportunities and food-growing skill-building activities that will enrich your Dallas College community.

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Developing Uncommon Solutions for Complex Community and College Needs

Presenter: Dr. Mary A. Brumbach, CFRE

Ever find yourself in the situation of wanting to yell “The Emperor has no clothes!” while walking a tightrope between internal and external constituencies? Researching and creating solutions to complex issues and gaining support for them are two of the most critical tasks of community college leaders at all levels. This interactive session provides a typology for differentiating issues and introduces integrative thinking strategies to provide for negotiating sustainable solutions. Combining examples of solutions ranging from support services through career and technical education, you’ll have the opportunity to apply both the analysis and solution approach in the session using small case studies. Walk away with new approaches to some of the most vexing situations you encounter in balancing institutional and community priorities with funding source requirements.

This session was presented at a recent CASE community college conference and was one of the highest rated in the whole conference.

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