Buscar, Agregar Y Registrarse en Clases

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Search, Add & Register for Classes

With eConnect, follow the steps below to find and add classes to your current schedule and complete the registration process.

Step 1:

In the address bar of a web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox), enter  econnect.dcccd.edu .

Screenshot of the address bar in a browser with econnect.dcccd.edu entered. 

Step 2:

In eConnect, choose  Current Credit Student Menu .

Screenshot of the eConnect page highlighting the menu of student alternatives Current Credit Student Menu. 

Step 3:

Under  Register for classes , choose  Find classes and register / add .

Screenshot of Current Credit Student Menu in eConnect with Find Classes and Register / Add Featured. 

Step 4:

On the Login page  , enter your  student ID and password . Click  SUBMIT .

Screenshot of the Login to eConnect page highlighting the ID and password points. 


If you have already completed Plan My Schedule, go to Step 8 to register.

Step 5:

To add classes, click the  Add New Classes to Your Plan button  on the  Plan, Register, and / or Drop Classes page .

Screenshot of the plan, register and / or leave classes page highlighting the Add new classes to my plan button. 

Important Notes:

  • This page shows your eligibility status to register online or in person.

  • If you are not eligible to register, an explanation will be provided, along with contact information.

  • Not all students are eligible to register online. Still, all students can plan their schedules online, print them out, and proceed to register in person.

Step 6:

On the  Plan, register and / or drop out page , enter your search options:

  1. Select the term (for example, Fall 2021).

  2. Choose one or more locations (for example, Mountain View Campus). To see all locations, do not select a location.

  3. In the Course and Course # columns, select a course (for example, COSC 1301). To see all sections, leave the section number blank.

  4. To start the search, click the SEND button  .

Screenshot of the Search classes and register / add page with ordered search options: 1) Term, 2) Campus, 3) Course and course number and 4) Submit. 

Step 7:

On the Section Selection Results page  :

  1. Check the box for the desired classes and sections.

  2. Click the SEND button  .

Screenshot of the Section Selection Results page with the ordered steps to add a section: 1) Choose the desired Ebiar section and 2) click Submit. 

The section you added will now appear in your schedule plan.

Screenshot of the Schedule, Record, and / or Drop Classes page with the added class highlighted in My Schedule Plan. 

Step 8:

To enroll in the course you added earlier:

  1. Choose  Register  from the drop-down menu.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click the  Sign Up / Drop (leave) / Delete button .

Screenshot of the Plan, Register, and / or Delete page with the ordered steps to add a course from the current schedule: 1) Check Register and 2) click the Register / Drop / Delete button. 


To leave a class, see the Leave A Class tutorial.

Step 9:

Review the results and click  Continue  to view and print your receipt. See the Print My Receipt tutorial  for more details. 

Screenshot of the Registration Results page.  Please review your results below, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue (Continue).]. 

You will receive an email confirmation for each change you make to your current schedule. We recommend that you keep ALL confirmations for your records.

Step 10:

Pay for your classes. See the Make a payment or Create a payment plan tutorial 

For help with your planning and registration, contact  Academic Counseling  by phone: 972-669-6400, email:  advice@dcccd.edu  or make  an appointment.