Writing Guidelines

Content with grammatical or spelling errors reflects poorly on the quality of the institution and raises doubts about the institution’s ability to provide students with a quality education. Therefore, proofreading and editing are necessary to ensure content is accurate and error-free.
All content should be reviewed by an editor, in addition to the original author, for the following:

  1. Review content for grammatical and spelling errors, using four references in this order:
    1. District style dictionary
    2. AP Stylebook (current edition)
    3. Merriam-Webster online dictionary
    4. College style guide
  2. Ensure that content is written at an eighth-grade level.
  3. Ensure that content is written in the active voice.
  4. Use the official program name listed in the catalog .
  5. Follow all web, email and social media guidelines when publishing content to these media.