Memorandum of Understanding
Dallas County Community College District
Parker University


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formally recognizes that the Dallas County Community College District and the Parker University are active educational partners, committed to providing greater educational opportunities and services for students transferring between institutions. This commitment strongly supports the concept of seamless transfer that embraces the principle that transfer students should not be required to repeat competencies already achieved.

DCCCD and Parker University enter into this MOU in the spirit of cooperation and mutually recognize each other as quality institutions of higher learning. Each institution, furthermore, is dedicated to serving students from all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, color, age, marital status, national origin or other non-merit factors.


The purpose of the agreement is to enable DCCCD students who transfer to Parker University to carry with them the credit they have already earned for as much relevant study as possible. The MOU provides a structure through which transfer articulation on all levels can be supported. The Parker University understand and agree that transfer articulation is with DCCCD as a whole and not with individual colleges within the district. Therefore, it is understood and agreed that courses taken at any DCCCD college are considered equally transferable. This is particularly important at DCCCD where students may be enrolled at more than one DCCCD college.

Transfer Elements

DCCCD Associate Degrees

This MOU establishes the principle that all Associate Degrees; Associate in Arts (AA), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), Associate in Sciences (AS), at DCCCD transfer to the Parker University as a block. Completed blocks are treated as a whole; the components are not examined separately to determine transferability.

DCCCD graduates will not have to repeat lower-division requirements at the Parker UniversityDCCCD graduates with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who meet all other requirements for admission are guaranteed admission into the university.

DCCCD graduates will go through the Parker University transfer process and therefore must meet all applicable requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. They will abide by the policies and procedures, along with any revisions thereof that apply to all students from that institution.

DCCCD students transferring without an Associate Degree, will have all courses, numbered 1000 and above and with a grade of C or better, accepted for transfer for the participating institution’s Baccalaureate program as either an elective, general education requirement, or an exemption or replacement for a required course

DCCCD - Core Curriculum

Completion of the DCCCD Core Curriculum, a 42 semester credit general education program of study will transfer as a block and will satisfy lower-division general education requirements at Parker University. The Core can be transferred and accepted as a component of a Bachelor’s Degree or as a stand alone general education block not affiliated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Note: Remedial/developmental or technical/vocational courses will not be included for transfer in this General Articulation Agreement from DCCCD colleges unless specified by individual colleges in a Program-to-Program Articulation Agreement.

Total Number of Transferable Credits

The maximum number of transfer credits that can be accepted and applied toward degree completion is based on Parker University's upper division requirement. This transfer credit limit will be the difference between the total credits required for degree completion and the university upper division requirement.

Joint Obligations

DCCCD and Parker University agree to provide direct links between their institutional Web sites, indicating the existence of this Agreement. 

Official lists of programs (AA, AAT, AS) for which articulation agreements have been approved by both DCCCD and the Parker University will be made available at both institutions.  

No transfer articulation materials developed by an articulating institution are valid without a MOU signed by the DCCCD Vice Chancellor for Educational Affairs.

DCCCD and the Parker University agree to exchange data and documents as agreed that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of these transfer arrangements, and promote effective cooperation between the two institutions. The institutions will exchange admissions, grades, and retention data after obtaining appropriate permission from the students involved and in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.


There will be an annual evaluation process of the partnership supported by this MOU. The information obtained from this evaluation will be used to improve the transfer process for the benefit of students.

Longevity of the Agreement

This MOU is in perpetuity or until it is discontinued by either educational partner by submitting written notification to the other partner one year prior to the identified cancellation date in order to protect all students transferring between these institutions.


Dallas County Community College District

Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr.
DCCCD Chancellor 


Parker College of Chiropractic:

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Parker College President 



Contact Information at DCCCD:
Gregg Williams
Director, Transfer Services/Articulation and University Relations
1601 South Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215



Updated 3/29/12