Northcentral University


This document formally recognizes that Northcentral University (NCU) and Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) are active educational partners, committed to providing greater educational and career opportunities for students transferring between institutions and the ability for faculty and staff of DCCCD to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees at NCU to enhance their career options.


  • A seamless transfer path to allow for maximum transfer of credit for students from DCCCD into a NCU Bachelor degree
  • Minimize the loss of credits and duplication of coursework in transferring
  • A tuition discount to DCCCD faculty and staff enrolling into an NCU graduate or doctoral degree program

Transfer Elements

This agreement provides a structure through which transfer articulation on all levels can be supported. Articulation is with DCCCD as a whole, and not with individual campuses of the college.  Therefore, it is understood and agreed that courses taken at any DCCCD campus are considered equally transferable.

The transfer of credits into an NCU Bachelor program will be accepted in the following manner:

  • NCU will consider up to a maximum of 90 credits earned with a passing grade of “C” or better. These credits will be applied toward an NCU Bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduates of DCCCD may choose to be formally admitted to NCU immediately after receiving an associate degree. 
  • While enrolled at NCU, students may choose to concurrently enroll in DCCCD courses and NCU courses.  Please note:  students utilizing VA benefits can only be certified by one school.

Note: Remedial/developmental or technical/vocational courses will not be included for transfer in this General Articulation Agreement from DCCCD colleges unless specified by individual colleges in a Program-to-Program Articulation Agreement.

Application Process

The NCU application process can be completed entirely online at Official transcripts of coursework at prior colleges and universities must be sent directly to NCU during the application review process.

The Benefit Code

DCCCD automatically identifies the faculty or staff applicant as coming from DCCCD and, thereby, entitled to receive the tuition scholarship. 

Obligations of Northcentral University

  • NCU will provide support materials to DCCCD advisors to facilitate their understanding of NCU requirements and academic programs.
  • NCU will provide advising for applicants to NCU programs and for Learners who enroll in these programs.
  • NCU will establish and maintain the following separate web page to facilitate access by DCCCD students: www.ncu/

Joint Obligations

  • DCCCD and NCU agree to provide direct links between their program Web sites, indicating the existence of this agreement.
  • DCCCD agrees to make NCU promotional literature available to prospective transfer Learners, invite NCU representatives to take part in transfer fairs or other promotional events and agrees to allow NCU to market the faculty and staff tuition scholarship directly to faculty and staff through email announcements, new faculty or staff orientation, staff development events, faculty and adjunct faculty associations and employee newsletters.

Longevity of the Agreement

  • This agreement will be reviewed in the event of a downgrade or loss of accreditation status by DCCCD.
  • This agreement will be in effect for one year. Changes and program updates will be discussed during the annual evaluation meeting. Termination of this agreement may occur by either educational partner by submitting written notification to the other partner ninety (90) days prior to the identified cancellation date.
  • An annual evaluation will be scheduled to determine whether this partnership is achieving its goals. However, both parties have the option to schedule a review in response to curricular changes and other institutional changes and conditions prior to the anniversary date of this agreement. The party initiating such a review will communicate it in a timely manner to the other party.
  • The Learner agrees to pay all published fees. In the event the Learner does not complete the class or is not eligible for the tuition voucher, the Learner is responsible for all monies owed to NCU. Tuition charges are reviewed annually and are subject to change.


_______________________________________ Charles Jarrell, Chief Marketing Officer (NCU)

_______________________________________ Alec Winters, Chief Operations Officer (NCU)

________________________________________Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., Chancellor (DCCCD)

Updated 3/29/12