Dallas Christian College

Memorandum of Understanding
Dallas County Community College District
Dallas Christian College


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formally recognizes that the Dallas County Community College District and Dallas Christian College active educational partners, committed to providing greater educational opportunities and services for students transferring between institutions. This commitment strongly supports the concept of seamless transfer that embraces the principle that transfer students should not be required to repeat competencies already achieved.

DCCCD and Dallas Christian College enter into this MOU in the spirit of cooperation and mutually recognize each other as quality institutions of higher learning. Each institution, furthermore, is dedicated to serving students from all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, color, age, marital status, national origin or other non-merit factors.

The following DCC courses will be accepted in transfer to DCCCD.


Dallas Christian College Courses

DCCCD Courses

SOCI 2310 Intro to Sociology

SOCI 1301 Intro to Sociology

ENGL 1310 Composition I
ENGL 1320 Composition II
ENGL 2311 English Literature I
ENGL 2312 American Literature I
ENGL 2322 American Literature II
ENGL 2313 World Literature I
ENGL 2323 World Literature II
ENGL 3322 English Literature II

ENGL 1301 Composition I
ENGL 1302 Composition II
ENGL 2322 British Literature I
ENGL 2327 American Literature II
ENGL 2328 American Literature II
ENGL 2332 World Literature I
ENGL 2333 World Literature II
ENGL 2323 British Literature

HIST 2311 U.S. History I
HIST 2321 U.S. History II

HIST 1301 U.S. History I
HIST 1302 U.S. History II

PHIL 1304 World Religions

PHIL 1304 Intro to World Religions

The following DCC courses will not be accepted in transfer to DCCCD.

Dallas Christian College Courses

DCCCD Courses

ANTH 2351 Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 2351 Cultural Anthropology

ECON 1302 Macroeconomics
ECON 2301 Microeconomics

ECON 1301 Macroeconomics
ECON 1302 Microeconomics

GOVT 2310 National/State Government

GOVT 2302 American Government II (Federal & State)

HIST 1311 World Civilization I

HIST 2321 World Civilization I

PSYC 1320 General Psychology
PSYC 3311 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 2301 General Psychology
PSYC 2314 Developmental Psychology

MUSC 1113 Ear training/Sight singing I
MUSC 1123 Ear training/Sight singing II
MUSC 1111 Applied Piano
MUSC 1126 Applied Piano
MUSC 1109/1110 Applied Voice
MUSC 1125 Applied voice
MUSC 1108 Guitar
MUSC 2301 Music History & Literature I
MUSC 2302 Music History & Literature II
MUSC 1310 Theory I
MUSC 1320 Theory II
MUSC 2111 Applied Piano
MUSC 2126 Applied Piano
MUSC 2110 Applied Voice
MUSC 2125 Applied Voice

SPCH 2310 Speech

MATH 1310 College Algebra
MATH 1305 Business Math


Dallas County Community College District

Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr.




Dallas Christian College

Dr. Dusty D. Rubeck




Contact Information at DCCCD:
Gregg Williams
District Director, Transfer Services/Articulation and University Relations
1601 South Lamar St
Dallas, TX 75215
(Fax) 214-378-1710