Questions About International Students/International Student Registration

What is Dallas College doing to supp​​ort international students during COVID-19?

We understand the unique challenges international students face during this time of change. International students who are far from home may feel an extra sense of uncertainty. Rest assured that international student advisors and designated school officials (DSOs) are available to serve and support students remotely by answering questions or directing international students to available resources. Students may email their campus DSO for specific requests and concerns.

If an international student trav​eled abroad and is still abroad in their home country, can they still transfer to a four-year university?

International students wishing to transfer to a four-year university should contact the Designated School Official (DSO) at their campus. The DSO will assist the student in the transfer process. Please contact your campus International Student Services office.

How does the switch to onlin​​e classes affect F1 international students? Typically, F1 students may only take 3-4 credit hours online. Is that criteria still applicable?

Due to the threat posed by public gatherings during this period, SEVP has agreed to relax restrictions for current F1 students until the COVID-19 threat has passed and operations can return to normal. This applies only to current F1 students. If you are a current F1 student, please contact your DSO for answers to any questions you may have.