Dallas College COVID-19 Playbook

​​Last Updated Nov. 5​​, 2020

​​​​​​​​​​Message from Dr. Sharon Davis

Dallas College Students, Employees and ​Community Members,

​In any crisis situation, we must remember that our actions and ​reactions will be dependent on our understanding of internal and external factors. In the case of the COVID​-19 pandemic, we must each play a role in the s​afet​y and health of our community, both as an organization and as individual​s.

To that end​, this playbook serves as a guide as we begin to transition students and employees back to a campus or office setting. It provides information on what Dallas College is doing to protect you, and it offers guidelines on what you can do to protect both yourself and those around you.

The individuals who make up Dallas College—students, employees and visitors—share multiple risk factors for the transmi​ssion of COVID-19 due to ​the high interaction and mobility that occurs at our locations. As such, we must all play a role in keeping Dallas College a safe place by adhering to public health practices such as wearing masks, social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene. These practices must become our new normal.

Many considerations are taken into account when a decision is made about closing or partially closing a location, or even limiting the number of individuals allowed in a place. Some of these considerations include actions taken by public officials, educational partner trends, hospital capacity, PPE shortages, student and employee health and more. As you can imagine, a lot of thought and preparation has gone into our decisions about when and how to open Dallas College locations.

The safety of our students and employees is, as always, our top priority. We are mindful of this new, ever-changing environment, and as such, we will remain agile, continuing to monitor governmental safety guidelines and other information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharon Davis, Ph.D.
Chief Critical Response Officer
Dallas College

Table of Contents

View information about staying safe at Dallas College, including:

  • CDC Guidelines
  • COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Clery Act Reporting Guidelines

View information about personal health and safety, including:

  • Face Coverings
  • Good Hand Washing Prac​tices
  • Social Distancing Strategies
  • Social Distancing at Dallas College
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety

View operational procedures, including:

  • Facilities Management
  • Cleaning Protocol
  • Health and Safety Protocol Signage
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • HVAC Settings

View instructional protocol, including:

  • Remote Instruction
  • Instructional Support
  • Considerations for Limited Face-to Face Instruction
  • P-TECH Academies, Early College High Schools and Dual Credit

View information about returning to campus and the workplace, including:

  • Location Preparations & Protocol
  • Key Personnel Roles
  • Return to the Workplace Steps – Training, Acknowledgement, Appian App
  • Scheduling
  • Inability to Return to the Workplace

View information for visitors, contractors and future students, including:

  • Appointments
  • Types of Visits
  • Health Monitoring Protocol

View information about health & safety procedures, including:

  • Showing COVID-19 Symptoms on Campus Protocol
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Case – Reporting Protocol
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Case – Cleaning Protocol
  • Returning to Dallas College Post COVID-19 Positive


A list of frequently asked questions regarding the Back to Campus Playbook and available responses can be found by visiting the links below.

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