Safety Measures

​​As a precaution to our students, employees and community, Dallas College has returned to a remote working environment, Nov. 30, 2020 - Feb. 14, 2021. Most Spring courses will be held primarily online. Employees will return to campus on Feb. 15.

Student services will be available online by appointment.

If you need access to our locations please contact the Back to Campus Coordinators or the Critical Response Office.

​​​Y​our safety is our priority. 

To keep our community safe, Dallas College has adopted a number of safety measures in order to prevent or reduce the transmission of COVID-19 among employees and students. 

​This includes:

  • Implementing flexible worksites, schedules and meeting options (e.g., telecommuting, staggered shifts)
  • Increasing physical space between employees in the workplace, employees and customers, and students to help ensure six feet of separation
  • Supplying soap, hand sanitizer, disposable wipes, etc. to employees and students and encouraging hand hygiene
  • Screening for COVID-19 related symptoms or risk factors and sending those home who are symptomatic
  • Implementing protocols for handling sick, symptomatic, and exposed individuals
  • Training employees and students on safety protocols
  • Routinely cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces with products that meet the EPA's criteria for use against COVID-19
  • Discouraging the use of other's phones, desks, offices, or other tools and equipment, when possible
  • Advising employees and students about safety measures and how to check themselves for symptoms