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Call Center Specialist

A sequence of courses that will prepare s​tudents for entry-level employment in a call center environment by developing core proficiency in communications, computer literacy and customer service. A total of nine semester credit hours.


Customer Service Representative

A certificate program designed to prepare you for marketing career opportunities in all areas of customer service. A total of 18 semester credit hours.


EMT Basic Certification

An entry-level certification that trains you to provide basic life support and emergency health care in settings such as an ambulance agency, hospitals, and fire departments. A continuing education course that lasts a semester (16 weeks).


Advanced Manufacturing/​Mechatronics

Certificate in technology that merges electronics, mechanics, fluid power, PLC and computer controls with sensors, transducers and actuators to manufacture a product or perform a task with minimal human intervention. A total of 16 semester credit hours.


Production Process Technician

An industry certification program designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the growing fields of logistics, advanced manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing. A total of 16 semester credit hours.


Web Applications Development

Certificate that emphasizes object-oriented ​programming tools to construct interactive multimedia rich websites compatible with a varie​ty of delivery methodologies including tra​​​ditional web browsers as well as handheld mobile devices. A total of 17–20 semester credit hours.

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