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Choose Your Path

The Learn and Earn Pathways program has three paths you can choose from:

  1. The Career Path
  2. The College Path
  3. The GED Path

Whatever pathway you choose, the program begins with an orientation session. At orientation you will hear the details of the program and take an TABE assessment test to examine your current skill levels.

Next, you will officially enter the Learn and Earn program with a class called "Transitions." In Transitions you will be grouped with other adults who are at your same skill level and have chosen the same pathway as you (career, college, or GED). With the support of your instructor you will work to improve your academic and workplace skills.

Finally, when you finish the Transitions class, you'll take the TABE assessment test again to see if you're ready to move onto the final phase of the Learn and Earn program.

Based on the pathway you chose, that final phase could be beginning free career training, beginning college classes, or taking your GED test. If you choose to take your GED exam and pass, you then have the option to move over to the college or career pathway.

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