Christy C. Livingston

"Nurturing the lives of young children in early childhood education has been my passion for over 30 years. I believe instilling positive and creative experiences for young children is the cornerstone on which all other education will be built. These experiences will help form the strong framework that will serve as a foundation for these young children, in fostering a lifelong love of learning. This is my commitment to every child that has comes through my classroom.

"I experienced this level of commitment and authenticity for teaching young children every day in the classroom at the Dallas College Brookhaven Campus. The wealth of knowledge and experiences taught by the team of professors in the Child Development and Early Childhood Education College was outstanding. I began by obtaining my CDA with Dr. Jane Rowe. I was then encouraged to get a degree in teaching by going through Child Development and the Early Childhood Education program with Professor Rodriguez and Professor Castro.

"My life has been forever changed by them and these programs. The level of commitment they brought to teaching using relevant hands-on learning, field experiences and mentoring further enriched and elevated my learning experience.

"In learning what is Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) for the ages I teach, I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to teach to the best of my ability. I would highly recommend the Child Development and Early Childhood Education program at Dallas College; it will change your life and make you the best you can be. It did for me. I give the glory to God, my family and all the professors at the Brookhaven Campus who helped me immensely in my journey to earn an Associate of Arts in Teaching in 2018. In the future, I plan to get a bachelor’s in teaching."