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Automotive Technology Employer Testimonials

Brookhaven College offers a Dealership-Sponsored Technician associate degree program with Ford and General Motors, along with corporate sponsors Nissan, Bridgestone/Firestone and others. 

Students entering the General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) or the Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program are sponsored by participating dealerships.

The Comprehensive Automotive Technology (CAT) program includes a service technician associate degree and four specialized certificate options. CAT graduates are eligible for factory-sponsored training from Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Here’s what employers have to say about the students they sponsor in our Automotive Technology program:

Derek Jenkins
Recruiter and Retention Manager
South Central Zone

“I’ve been associated with this program for eight years. What we do is hand-pick students to come in and train; we’ve had 116 graduates out of Brookhaven work for us. One of our store managers is a graduate of this program. The reason we give students $10,000 a year to attend Brookhaven’s Auto Tech program is that we’ve had great success here. Its strengths are that it’s very structured, and it prepares students to come out and make money in our shops and service centers.”

Dennie Lovell

“To succeed, students need to be committed and focused, and their whole attitude and appearance are also important. They learn work ethics like these in Brookhaven’s program as well as the technical skills they need to succeed on the job. They learn how to be a team player, come prepared for work have a good attitude, as well as learning what tools are necessary for the job they’ll be doing.”

Bill Prewitt
Retired Recruiter

“Brookhaven’s Automotive program is head and shoulders above most other community colleges and trade schools. We’ve had a tremendous success rate here — I think out of about 100 people we’ve sent through the program, only two didn’t complete the 16-week program. Every student we send to Brookhaven is interviewed by a manager and service manager, then by a recruiter and district manager. And we pay our employees while they’re in school, so it’s a good deal for everyone.”

Cole Thomas
Student in Bridgestone/Firestone’s Comprehensive Auto Tech (CAT) program
Senior Technician

“My experience at Brookhaven has been great, and all of the instructors have been great. I’ve been with Firestone for 15 years, and I’ve learned more in the last year and a half than those years just on the job. It’s affordable, and you can work this program around your schedule. I work full-time and go to school full-time, and I also have three kids. It’s hard but it’s doable.”

James Freel
Service Director
Crest Cadillac

“I’ve been recruiting from and involved with the ASEP for more than 15 years and have hired more than 20 students from the program. These students get all the required GM training, and when they graduate they are ready to start working as full-fledged technicians in a shop.

“As a service director, I get to see what they are capable of before putting them to work in my shop. We’ve had some great success stories with students moving into management positions, moving on to open their own shops and becoming experienced technicians earning more than $80,000 a year.”

Christopher Sawyer
Chevrolet Service Director
Frank Parra Chevrolet

“I’ve been at Frank Parra for 11 years but have only been the service director for just over a year. I’ve inherited a great group of guys at the shop who have graduated from this program. My shop foreman graduated from ASEP at Brookhaven College and is a world-class ASE and GM technician. I’m enjoying the benefits of this program with two students who are making their way through the program now, and we hope to add more in the future. The cost, the convenience and the way the program is structured really works for students.

“Brookhaven is a great location, the cost is lower than so many other training programs and with eight weeks in classes and eight weeks in the shop, the students get to work hands-on and are better prepared to start working as a technician.”

John Seidel
Service Director
James Wood Motors (GM)   “On average, the technicians who come out of Brookhaven’s program are one to two years ahead of other technicians who come out of other technical schools. They’re ready to be on their own and be productive, and make good employees.” 

Jeff Wilson
Service Manager
James Wood Auto Parts (GM)   “It’s a good caliber of technicians we get back from the Brookhaven program, job-ready for the most part. The training that Brookhaven brings to the table is a valuable contribution in this day and time as compared to independent training facilities. I tell our students that they’re going to need a good education, so they’re better off learning all they can in Brookhaven’s training program.”

Mike Book
Service Manager
Westway Ford   “Brookhaven’s is a good program because the technicians come to us work-ready. There’s a lot to do with actual work while the students are still in school: knowing what a dealership is like and getting a feel for a good work ethic. Compared to many other programs I’ve seen, these students are more able to come out of the training program and make a living for themselves working in a Ford dealership. Once they take that training and add employer loyalty and a strong work ethic, they’re really solid employees.”

Ron Schultz
Shop Foreman
Westway Ford  

“The students in our Ford ASSET training program go to school for 10 weeks and then work in the shop for 10 weeks, applying what they learned in school. Brookhaven’s program does an excellent job of training; there’s just no comparison with any other program. We can train anybody coming in with a good attitude; if you have that and are hard-working and punctual, you’ll succeed. 

“The ASSET program lasts about 18 months total, from August to May. Because it’s a curriculum required by Ford, this program gives students almost everything they need to be a senior master technician. Beyond Brookhaven’s ASSET program, they’ll just need one class and a couple of Web-based requirements to get that senior master technician certification.”