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Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Firewire Interface Card (Public Domain)
Tech inspecting a silicon wafer
Semiconductor Manufacturing student sucess stories

Are you detail-oriented? Looking for a hands-on high-tech job? Are you willing to develop a high skill level as a trained technician?

Think about a career in Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Semiconductors, or microchips, are the “brains” of computers and can be found in almost every electronic product — including cars, fax machines, pagers, cell phones, microwaves and traffic signals. The Internet, wireless communications, satellites and modern medicine all depend on the microchips that control sophisticated computer systems.

Career Opportunities

Become the kind of highly skilled technician that the industry needs. Learn how to install, repair and maintain the equipment it takes to make a modern semiconductor chip.

Get started now in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology!

Jobs might include semiconductor manufacturing specialist and equipment or process technician. Local industry giant Texas Instruments Inc. has hired many of our program graduates.

Why is This a Good Career Bet?

Microchip technology is used in every type of electronic device across diverse markets that include manufacturing, the automotive industry, biotechnology, computers, appliances and cellphones. Because of increased automation, most new positions will be for technicians as machinery becomes more complex and needs more monitoring.  

Technicians are responsible for understanding more of the fabrication process, so companies hiring new employees will expect a higher level of competency – usually a minimum of an associate degree. Locally based Texas Instruments, which unveiled the first working integrated circuit in 1958, employs more than 30,000 employees in 35 countries. 

Find out more about careers in Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Degrees or Certificates in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Richland College

Richland College is the only one of the seven colleges of DCCCD to offer Semiconductor Manufacturing.