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Environmental Systems Technology

This program is currently closed. Check out other degree plans offered by the colleges of DCCCD.
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Are you interested in protecting the environment, and you would like to make your passion part of your career plan? Would you like to help make a difference by being a part of the solution and not the problem?

Take a look at Environmental Systems Technology, a program offered by Richland College for the first time in Spring 2010 that is the first of its kind in Dallas County Community College District.

Whether you’re interested for your own knowledge, ready to go right to work or want to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree, we can help you lay a solid, green foundation for your goals.

Get started today in Environmental Systems Technology at DCCCD!

The energy industry at large and its applications are expanding so rapidly that the U.S. Department of Labor lists environmental systems technology as one of the nation’s top job markets through the year 2016.

Environmental Systems Technology Degree and Certificate Options

The program includes an associate degree plan and a skills achievement award.

The Environmental Systems Technology Associate in Applied Sciences degree provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills in monitoring environmental systems, investigating sources of contamination and performing corrective actions.

The associate degree plan is designed to prepare students for careers in pollution control and includes two specialization tracks, in environmental systems and in energy management.

In addition to learning about environmental principles and regulations, students get practical experience collecting and analyzing samples and operating equipment, as well as developing waste minimization and contingency plans.

The Environmental Systems Technology Energy Management Skills Achievement award prepares students to evaluate energy use patterns and systems.

Get practical experience monitoring energy consumption and emissions, as well as identifying the financial and environmental impacts of improved energy performance. The 14-credit-hour award prepares students for careers in energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Other Degree and Certificate Options

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