Nursing and Health Care Degrees and Certificates

Interested in a career in one of the hottest fields around?

The health sciences programs Dallas County Community College District can prepare you for a rewarding, in-demand position that will let you make a difference in other people’s lives.

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Nursing and Health Care Programs

Cardiac Sonography

Work alongside cardiologists as you use sound waves to examine a patient’s heart and vessels.

Dental Hygiene

Clean teeth, help to prevent dental disease, apply preventive agents and educate patients about good oral health.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Visualize internal organs, soft tissue structures and vessels using high-frequency sound waves as requested by physicians to diagnose patients.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Provide medical treatment to those in urgent need with EMS Education, the foundational training for paramedics.

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Help cardiologists perform complex diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Health Professions Readiness

Learn basic skills you’ll need for allied health care programs plus the skills necessary to become a patient care technician

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Use magnetism and radio frequency energy to visualize a wide variety of internal structures, such as the brain, spine, or shoulder joints.

Medical Assisting

Support the work of other health professionals— from taking medical histories to recording vital signs.

Medical Front Office

Train in office procedures, software, basic coding and insurance within a medical setting.

Medical Laboratory Technology

Perform medical research that helps unravel the mysteries of the human body.

Nursing (Associate Degree and Vocational)

Care for patients in need and help fill the shortage of nurses nationwide.

Radiologic Sciences

Build the technical knowledge and patient care skills required for a career as a radiologic technician.

Respiratory Care Program

Specialize in the management, treatment, evaluation and rehabilitation of people with breathing problems or diseases.

Social Work

Make a difference in the world as you help people improve their lives in some way—from employment and housing to transportation and mental health.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Comfort and equip people in crisis to change their addictive behaviors.

Surgical Technologist

Assist surgeons in the fast-paced world of a hospital operating room.

Veterinary Technology

Treat animals’ illnesses and injuries—from performing lab tests to assisting in surgeries.


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