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Nursing Pathway Overview


What is a pathway?

Program awards – certificates and degrees – are fit together like building blocks into a career pathway. That not only maximizes your learning time, but gives you the specific knowledge and skills you’ll need for the workplace.

The Nursing Pathway

A map of the nursing pathways. Content is explained below.


Enter the Nursing career path at any point depending on your previous education and career experience.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

  • three-month program
  • Entry hourly wage: $9/hr

Vocational Nursing (LVN)

  • 12-month program
  • Entry hourly wage: $18/hr

LVN-RN Bridge

  • Designed for those who are already LVNs
  • 24-month program
  • Entry hourly wage: $27/hr

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

  • 16-24 month program
  • Entry hourly wage: $27/hr

RN Licensure and Career

You have taken and passed NCLEX-RN.

Perioperative Nursing

  • Designed for those who are already RNs
  • Enhanced Skills Certificate
  • three-month program

Transfer to Bachelors

Take advantage of our transfer agreements to four-year colleges.

Nursing Programs

Looking for info about nursing careers? As an additional resource, the Dallas County Community College District offers general career and pathways overview for nursing.