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HELIX Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the HELIX applicant system?

The HELIX applicant system is open to health care industry employers and DCCCD health professions students and graduates. New employer applicants will need to create an account on the HELIX system by clicking on “Register.”

What is the purpose of HELIX?

The purpose of the HELIX applicant system is to connect health care industry partners and employers with students and graduates of DCCCD health care programs for employment opportunities. HELIX provides a one-stop location for health care employers to post available job openings and receive and view resumes for potential hiring purposes.

What is the cost to use the HELIX applicant system?

The HELIX applicant system is free to DCCCD health professions students and graduates.

Because the sustainability of the HELIX system and support of the Health Careers Resource Center is funded by contributions made to the DCCCD Foundation, we ask participating employers to consider donating to the Foundation on behalf of the HCRC. Employer contributions are greatly appreciated and can be made by clicking on “Donate” or by visiting the DCCCD Foundation website. Your gift helps support the HCRC's mission and commitment to working with our students and the health care community. Please note that donations made on behalf of the HCRC are also tax deductible. Please keep proof of your donation for your records.

How often do new jobs postings become available/change?

Health care employers using the HELIX system have the ability to edit, change and delete available job postings. HELIX also syncs with several employers’ job bulletins, so job postings may update daily.

I’m having problems logging into my account and/or I need to reset my password. Who do I contact?

If you are having difficulty logging into your HELIX account or have questions about resetting your password, please contact Danielle Smith at or 214-860-2276.