Renewable/Sustainable Energy Degree and Certificate Options

Eastfield College

Eastfield College is the only one of the seven colleges of DCCCD to offer the Renewable/Sustainable Energy program.

  • The Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician Associate in Applied Sciences Degree prepares students to install solar or wind systems with minimum assistance, emphasizing hands-on training. The curriculum is designed to prepare you to work as an installation technician in solar- and wind-related fields and provides support skills such as troubleshooting, sales, design and management. This degree can be completed in two years if you are a full-time student.
  • The Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technician Certificate (Gainful Employment Information) has solar and wind turbine technician options, emphasizing hands-on training that prepares you for work as an entry-level solar or residential wind turbine installer. Courses in either certificate option can be applied towards the Renewable/Sustainable Energy associate degree, and are designed to allow graduates to sit for entry-level national installer certifications. It can be completed in two semesters.

    The certificate has a core curriculum the first semester that includes courses in alternative energy systems, special topics in computer engineering technology, AC and DC circuits, and solid state devices. After completing the first semester, students select the solar or wind turbine option and complete those specific courses for the second semester.