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Contact Information for Welding Programs

Cedar Valley College (at Bill J. Priest Institute)

Welding at Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley Map and Location

Byron Zarrabi
Program Coordinator
Welding Technology
Michael Johnson
Area Sales Representative
Solutions Development
Ronald Preston
Program Services Coordinator

Come see our state-of-the art facilities!

We offer tours and information sessions every Tuesday at 1 p.m. If Tuesday doesn’t work, contact Program Coordinator Byron Zarrabi to set up a convenient time.

Jeff Mitchell
Program Coordinator and Faculty
Welding Technology
Phil Suderman
Welding Instructor
Career Technologies
Dr. Sue Byrd
Program Services Coordinator
Career Technologies
Carolyn J. Rodriguez
Outreach & Recruitment Specialist
Career Technologies

For additional assistance, please contact our Advisors for Career Technologies division.

Dewayne Roy
Program Coordinator
Welding Technology associate degree and certificate programs