Dewayne Roy

Program Coordinator and Faculty
Mountain View College 

Dewayne Roy is a welding artist, consultant, business owner, author and instructor who has taught welding at Mountain View College for more than 30 years. He is the recipient of the American Welding Society District 17 Welding Educator Award and also of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Dallas County Community College District. He has served on the executive committee of the North Texas American Welding Society for 25 years, for three years as its chair.

His work experience includes building bridges for the state of Oklahoma, welding on offshore drilling platforms, working on the external tanks of NASA space shuttles and training titanium piping welders in China to build a petrochemical plant. He has also trained quality assurance representatives for the Chinese government on military welding specifications and works on manufacturing plants in the province of Liaoyang when Mountain View classes are not in session.

He attended Eastfield, Gupton-Jones and Rose State colleges. As a consultant, he has set up welding procedures for companies such as General Motors, General Dynamics and the Texas Utilities Fuel Commission. His teaching objective is to lay the foundation of technical skills so that students can meet the challenge of real-world applications.