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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology

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Would you like to get in on a technology that’s expanding at an exponential pace? Learn to combine sophisticated digital information with the analytical skills that will make you indispensable to a wide range of professions.

Geographic information systems (GIS) is one of three major components of a high-tech industry that also includes global positioning and remote sensing technologies. Revenues from geospatial technologies are expected to reach more than $21 billion in the next few years, with solid growth in new jobs. 

GIS technology uses specialized computer systems to get geographic data and integrate it into intelligent “super” maps. The data can then be used to create endless “what if” scenarios, providing a powerful tool for applications including:

  • Cartography (map making)
  • Emergency management
  • Environmental sciences and security
  • Forest and range management
  • Homeland security
  • Medicine and health care
  • Real estate development and appraisal
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Urban planning and development
  • Water resources
  • Get started now in GIS!

    Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute

    Brookhaven College is the site of the Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute, built in 1999 through a cooperative partnership between the college, geotechnical professional societies and the local oil and gas community. The facility houses the GIS program and also includes:

    • Continuing education courses for geoscience professionals, plus full-service meeting and conference facilities
    • Training for teachers of grades K-12 on how to use GIS and GPS systems to combine learning, fun and community service, the only source for this certified training in Texas
    • Interactive programs for students with organizations such as the American Association of University Women’s “Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science” and the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge College Scholarships

    Degree and Certificate Options in Geographic Information Systems Technology

    Brookhaven College

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