Cyber Security Careers

Many states have identified computer forensics as one of the fastest growing sectors of their IT markets. Computer forensics is used by attorneys, private investigators, businesses, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and a wide variety of individuals in need of technical and forensic expertise.

Job titles in the digital forensics field can include:

  • Computer forensics analyst
  • Counterintelligence studies and policy analyst
  • eDiscovery and data restoration specialist
  • eDiscovery and forensics project manager
  • Forensics analyst
  • Forensics consultant
  • Forensic science technician
  • Information systems security analyst
  • Junior software developer
  • Manager of network and data security
  • Security consultant
  • Systems administrator
  • Technology risk management professional

Responsibilities for these positions might include:

  • Performing comprehensive technical analyses and interpreting computer-related evidence on a variety of network environments, software, media and storage systems.
  • Ensuring that collection of evidence and chain of custody processes are achieved consistently with industry best practices.
  • Providing advisory services to enhance forensic and eDiscovery engagements.
  • Acquiring and developing comprehensive knowledge of client operations, processes and business objectives as well as internal operations, and using this information to identify additional opportunities for achieving client objectives.

 CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects for the Dallas metropolitan area:

JobMedian Hourly RateMedian Annual SalaryProjected Growth Through 2024
Computer systems analyst$43.10$89,650+32%
Information security analyst$44.17
Network and computer systems administrators$42.69