Senior Academic Advisor
Mountain View College

“At the time I entered Mountain View, I was transitioning from a military career and wanted to learn more computer skills. I completed the Accelerated Office Skills Program before I decided to major in Computer Information Technology. While working in the business technology lab, I worked with students in using various types of software. From there, I decided to pursue a B.S. degree in Advanced Technology Training Development because it also gave me a chance to develop presentation skills in Microsoft software applications.

“My DCCCD experience was positive and allowed me to build relationships with faculty and staff. I also acquired professional skills in team-building, case management, advising, records management, program development and mentoring. All of these elements have helped me to become more successful, well-rounded and resourceful in helping students decide about their college experiences.

“One of the most important things I learned in my DCCCD education was that first impressions leave lasting impressions. When I began my academic career at Mountain View, staff and faculty noticed my struggles and poured motivation and attention in my life that helped me study harder and prioritize. I saw that my writing improved and my thinking processes became a little more active. I began to investigate options and subjects that I thought were interesting and moved to get to know what I wanted to know for myself.

“I would recommend a DCCCD education because of the care, attention and educational background I received. That was also my motivation for seeking a career path here at Mountain View College. I knew I could make a positive impact on students’ lives.”

Julius Wilson completed Mountain View College’s Accelerated Office Skills Program and then earned an associate degree in CIT - PC Support in 2001. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology Training Development from the University of North Texas in 2005.

As a senior academic advisor for Mountain View College, he serves as an advising specialist for current and prospective students, helps with registration and schedule development, and manages cases for special needs and academically challenged students. He attended the DCCCD Leadership Institute in 2002-03 and served as president of the college’s Professional Support Staff Association in 2002-03.