Are you a creative problem-solver? Do you love computer art and digital media? Take a look at our Multimedia Technology program to prepare for an entry-level position in Web and multimedia production.

Use the latest software and hardware to express yourself with new media tools. Blend Web design, digital imaging, illustration, animation, video, special effects and interactive media to teach, train or just entertain.

Learn to combine technical skills, artistic expression and critical thinking. You’ll be prepared to work on a team that combines writers, artists, programmers and technicians for a wide variety of job opportunities.

Multimedia Technology At-A-Glance


What Can I Earn?

These rates are entry hourly wages for the following Multimedia Technology jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  • Graphic Designer*$13.36‏/hr
  • Web Developer*$21.38/hr
  • Mutimedia Artist/Animator*$21.46/hr
  • Computer Network Architect*$34.53/hr

SOURCE: DCCCD Labor Market Intelligence Center/U.S. Department of Labor

*This job typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Why Is This a Good Career Bet?

Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas’ targeted occupations lists graphic designer as a local high growth area. Workforce Solutions projects 2,550 job openings this year, with an average wage of $24.25 per hour.

CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects job growth increase of 37 percent for graphic designers, 17 percent for multimedia artists and animators, and 37 percent for Web developers over the next decade. 

For jobs requiring at least an associate degree, Web developer is ranked 13th among CareerOneStop’s 39 fastest-growing occupations and seventh of its top 36 careers with the most job openings through 2022.

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Guided Pathways in Multimedia Technology

A guided pathway will help you earn a college credential and build a career. It’s a one-page document that clearly shows you what courses to take (and when) to best prepare you for success in college and in your career.

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Guided Pathway
Multimedia Technology - Multimedia Web Design

Degrees or Certificates in Multimedia Technology

Richland College

Multimedia Technology is offered exclusively at Richland College among the colleges of DCCCD. We also offer transfer options if you want to continue your education at a four-year institution.

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